The demise of SAAB at the hands of GM

So SAAB are no more.
After 60+ years of quirky, clever cars they have been forced to shut up shop. Despite valiant efforts from Spyker the company has simply run out of money. Suppliers are not shipping parts because they haven’t been paid and the workforce are likewise unpaid. It’s all very sad.

GM bought SAAB some years back and integrated a lot their engineering. Larger SAABs were running in Opel floor pans for example. Now GM are refusing to licence this technology to prospective Chinese buyers because they’re worried a Chinese SAAB would eat into their far east market share.

The FT


iPhone 4s first impressions

So I finally got my hands on an iPhone 4s. Buying a phone sim free is harder than you might think.
The guy in phones4U practically begged me to sign up to a new contract. He even went so far as to produce some magical mathematics to prove it was way cheaper. It’s not!
As for the phone itself; The camera is the first thing that struck me. It’s excellent. Image quality is fantastic (see picture below) and it’s very quick. It’s As good as any point and shoot I’ve used.
Siri is little more than an amusement at the moment, but we’re beginning to bond and I suspect I’ll be quite attached soon.
The reception is a real improvement over the 4, as is call quality.
The vibrator ha a fair bit more power than the 4 and the speaker seems louder and clearer.
As for the battery performance. I can’t say for sure, but it seems fine with iOS 5.0.1.
The upgrade cost £200 allowing for the£300 I sold my iPhone 4 for and so far well worth it.