Data Only SIM for iPads

I recently bought myself an iPad Mini and handed down my iPad2 to my Girlfriend. In the iPad 2 I used a £5 per month data only SIM that I got from Virgin as a perk of being a broadband customer of theirs. Virgin sent me out a nano SIM for my iPad mini and managed to activate it in a few minutes, unlike Tesco, who took over a week with my iPhone 5 and left me with no phone at all for several days.
I decided I needed a SIM for my girlfriend’s iPad so along comes GiffGaff. GiffGaff are a VMNO like Virgin and Tesco. VMNO stands for Virtual Mobile Network Operator. GiiGaff and Tesco simply buy airtime and data in bulk off of O2 and sell it on. Virgin use EE’s network.
GiffGaff’s business model is a stripped to the bones set-up where they employ minimal staff and bribe their customers into advertising for them and providing support to other users.
If a GiffGaff user gives someone a SIM they are both rewarded when that SIM is activated. If a GiffGaff user answes someones support request in the forum, they receive reward points they can use against airtime.
Their data deal is great. If you order a SIM here they top it up with £10 we each receive £5 credit. You can use this to buy a £5 “gigabag” of 500MB of data that lasts a month. leaving you £10 for the next two months. if you attach your bank card you can set it to automatically apply the gigabag/goodybag of your choice once a month.
I just gave a SIMs to a colleague and chopped it down to fit his iPad mini. He accidentally applied the £10 voice goodybag, don’t make that mistake if its for an iPad or the like. Also you will need to set the Access Point settings on your iPad as it defaults to O2.
They are APN: Username: giffgaff Password:password.

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