“The New iPad”

So Apple have released “The New iPad”.
In short; a faster quad core GPU, higher resolution “retina” display, better camera, and faster cellular radio.
As a side note the Apple TV was also updated slightly to support full 1080p and have a revised interface.
This event was notable in my eyes for being the first major event following Steve Job’s death.

Tim Cook appeared much more up-beat than at the iPhone 4s launch event. It was clear to anyone watching that low-key event in October 2011 that Tim was fully aware that Steve was in his final hours.
Doubtless Steve was involved in pretty much every detail of “The New iPad” but its still reassuring that it feels like a true Apple product, an evolution without compromise. I kept looking for details that Steve would have vetoed but there were none.
Some time next year Tim Cook and some of the other Apple movers and shakers will launch the iPhone 5 or possibly “The New iPhone”. I will be watching the event like every event since Steve returned to Apple and I will certainly miss the “one more thing” that’s followed by the cheers of the audience and then Steve producing Apple’s latest iThing.
No one but Apple could produce such a frenzy of excitement around a new product that guaranteed it fly off the shelves like a Harry Potter book. If “The New iPad” performs well then it will be clear that, with or without Steve: Apple can still generate this kind of excitement around a product.

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